Our Range
The W consumer is in essence contemporary, spirited, confident and smart. She is always on the look-out for fashion that helps express this personality. The design sensibilities of the W customer are best described as a sensible mix of western fashion and Indian tradition. The resultant genre is best referred to as fusion fashion. Here the customer is able to feel globally elegant, without ruffling too many local norms. This makes her comfortable in the W clothes – she feels at ease with herself and her surroundings. W makes her feel good and look good! Thus W straddles the middle point on the continuum between the west and the east. With this positioning, W appropriates the mental mindscape of the contemporary urban Indian woman.

At W, we intend to be a complete wardrobe solution provider to the Indian woman, hence in addition to the W Core range, we also offer Wishful –fashion for her special occasions. When she wears Wishful, she feels smart and chic – not overdressed. The range covers special occasions, parties and light cocktails, but does not include weddings. Emphasis on styling is a key way to create newness without excessive embellishment.